Arched hangars

1Olympia Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings and Steel Building Kits.

Olympia¬† Steel Buildings has been the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-engineered, easy to assemble, Steel Buildings for over 38 years, Many of the uses including storage sheds, garage kits, workshops, commercial storage buildings, industrial warehouses and more. Our durable metal buildings are backed with a 35-year rust-through warranty. We offer four Metal Building styles to accommodate your needs: the P, S, Q and A model buildings.

Rigid hangars

2Metal Building Systems

Olympia Steel Building’s systems are designed to provide a complete, cost-effective building solution for residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural uses. We offer professional engineering, a flexible design and the strongest commercial grade steel available in the world. All our buildings are backed by a 35 year warranty. Customize a building to fit your need or visit our specials page to find a building to meet your specifications.

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