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in growing neighborhoods that we believed would lead to increasing sales and growing rents. Q. Why did you focus on strip shopping centers? A. We loved this asset class because we believed that the chain store relationships could be developed and result in multiple leases with the same tenant, whether new to market like Starbucks when they
NHL jerseys first arrived in South Florida, or Publix, with which at one time we had 16 separate stores. It was the same with Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Payless Shoes, and you name the chain, we were doing business with them. Our size gave us incredible tenant access at the highest levels of the retail companies, and we could do more and more stores with substantially the same lease agreement. It was a special combination, and we used this access to build what we called our "yours, mine, and ours" portfolio, with some properties pure third party assignments, some joint ventures with either high net worth families or institutions, and some were all ours. Some of our notable properties

of our teams." Mr. Harvey also added, "The significant proved producing reserves and cash flows generated by Dominion’s E business, coupled with the very large Marcellus acreage position and related upside associated with the transaction, makes this a compelling acquisition from a valuation perspective." CONSOL Energy is evaluating a range of structural alternatives to facilitate the operation and development of the acquired assets including, among other things, consideration of the acquisition by CONSOL Energy of the shares of CNX Gas common stock that it does not already own. Mr. Harvey stated that, "CONSOL Energy will be in a position to
NFL jerseys use its capital and free cash flow from its coal operations and newly acquired gas assets to fund the development of both its coal and natural gas activities. will deploy our capital in the projects that will generate the highest return for our shareholders." The Company expects to raise approximately $4.0 billion and is targeting a balanced mix of

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