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U2 longtime tour manager dies in L By Tribune wire reports contact the reporter U2 Central Park U2 loses a member of its touring family hours after the band kicked off its new tour Dennis Sheehan, U2′s longtime tour manager, has died at a Southern California hotel, a day after the band kicked off a five night stint in the Los Angeles area. MusicU2See all related8 U2 frontman Bono posted a statement Wednesday on the band’s website about Sheehan’s death. "We’ve lost a family member, we’re still taking it in," Bono wrote. "He wasn’t just a legend in the music business, he was a legend in our band. He is irreplaceable." Sheehan died at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. He has managed U2′s tours for more than three decades. U2 aims for intimacy, presence in latest
Wholesale NFL jerseys tour Mikael Wood For U2, the lightbulb moment came in the form of an actual lightbulb. For U2, the lightbulb moment came in the form
Cheap jerseys of an actual lightbulb. to reports of a man in cardiac arrest. Sheehan

To BSN or not to BSN The Goldmark Report in 1923 was the first to recommend that the entry level of education for professional practice as a registered nurse should be a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), and heated debate has raged among nurses over the issue ever since. Diploma and Associate Degree RN will clearly tell you that they can run rings around BSN program graduates when it comes to patient care. They explain that they have more actual clinical experience and patient care know how in their little finger than a new BSN grad, and 99 of the time they right about that! I be the first to admit that if I get seriously ill I hoping that my nurse graduated from a diploma program like the one they used to offer at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Those nurses had so much training and hands on care experience by the time they graduated that few physicians could hold a candle to them on their best day. This isn about whether BSN nurses are better than ADN or Diploma nurses Up

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